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Starlight Basin Observatory is my home observatory in Paradise, UT. It is the descendant of my first observatory Starwood Observatory, which I had built in Lemont, Pennsylvania during my years at Penn State. When we moved to Utah, I sadly had to leave Starwood Observatory behind, and vowed to build a new one once we were settled.

The plans for the new observatory were complicated by several factors:

  • We have 1.4 acres in Paradise, so I can build any size observatory I can successfully get permitted (the permitting process is multi-level and onerous compared to PA, but I'm dealing with it).
  • I have supremely dark skies (I estimate mag 5.60 at zenith), which means I will soon have a much larger telescope.
  • My horizons are relatively free of obstruction (unlike the treeline I had in Pennsylvania), so I want all direction horizon access, even with a Dobsonian, which makes designs hard!
I'm finally converging on a design, and these pages will document the facility. Initially it will house my (current) primary observing instrument, a homebuilt 12.5" f/4.8 Dobsonian named Equinox.

The links below will outline the construction and features of the observatory.

[ Starlight Basin Home | Philosophy | Site Survey | Design Plans | Construction | Exterior | Interior]

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