SeaMouse ROV Water Trials Gallery

These are photos of my first ROV, the SeaMouse, which is based on an original ROV design by Harry Bohm and Vickie Jensen.

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Ready To Go Thumbnail

Ready To Go
Here's a view of the SeaMouse before the first water trial. You can see the new floatation system (not quite buoyant enough) and the completed thruster system.

Poolside Thumbnail

Me and the SeaMouse before the first dive.

Into Water Thumbnail

First wet! Into the water
I'm making the first release of SeaMouse into the water, letting the frame flood with water before releasing it.

First Float Thumbnail

First Float
After I released it the first time, it floated great! Application of the vertical thruster caused it to gracefully submerge, but then it never acted positively buoyant again! I'll have to work on that :-)

Checking Over Thumbnail

Checking Over SeaMouse
Once I had decided there were some engineering issues, I had to get a little wet. I wanted to make sure I knew what was going on before making any modifications. Here I'm taking a look at the vertical thruster.

Swimming with 
         ROV Thumbnail

Swimming with the ROV
Here I'm doing a series of releases from what is the nominal floating position. I was wondering if the ROV was in fact positively buoyant, but perhaps the tether was just dragging it down. I concluded that it doesn't have enough positive buoyancy, and will add some floatation.

Watching Attitude Thumbnail

Watching the Attitude
I had to watch the ROV under power several times before I decided that the thrusters were not well placed to guarantee horizontal translation under power.

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