SeaMouse ROV (2002)

I have been much enamoured with small, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) for undersea exploring for a long time. Couple this with a bad habit of saying to myself, "Someone had to build the first one of those, and my technology is at least as good as theirs" (this usually happens when I am looking at something like the first light bulb or the Wright Flyer). As it turns out, I did the same thing when I started paying close attention to the ROVs used to look at shipwrecks and such.

Book Cover For a long time, most everything has been just a bunch of scratch paper in a bunch of folders under a bunch of physics books. :-) But I recently acquired one of the finest books for the amateur oceanographer I have ever seen:

Build Your Own Underwater Robot
Harry Bohm & Vickie Jensen
Published by Westcoast Words (Vacouver, BC)
(c) 1997
ISBN 0-9681610-0-6

The book is targeted at the middle school level, but I think it is perfect for the weekend hobbyist. The best part of it (for me) are the COMPLETE PLANS for two ROVs. These provide a great starting point to learn the ropes of building your own ROV, and should give me the experience I need to build the more complicated one I have always had in mind.

SeaMouse is my first ROV endeavour, more or less following the Bohm and Jensen plans for their SeaPerch.

SeaMouse Construction

DRY MASS: *** kg
BUOYANCY: Positive

POWER: 12V DC, Vector VEC019AC Rechargable Power Supply
PROPULSION: 3 propellor thrusters (reversible) -- starboard, port, vertical

Construction Gallery
Water Trials Gallery

I more or less followed the plans as outlined in the Bohm and Jensen book, with several modifications to suit the materials I could find for the project, described below.

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