"Science does not know its debt to imagination."
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Science Projects

I know I'm a professional scientist, but I really enjoy discovering things, even though I can often read it in a book. I often tell people I have a disease: I think any experiment that won a Nobel Prize before 1970 ought to be doable in my basement!

Here are some of the projects I've been engaged in, not necessarily along my normal research stream.

My Telescopes & Observatories

Astronomical Observing

Experiments with Science Video

These are all exeriments in telling science through the medium of video.
  1. Cavendish Experiment (2009)
  2. Microwoosh (2009)
  3. Bed of Nails (2009)

Other Science and Mayhem

  1. Annular Solar Eclipse, Cedar City UT (20 May 2012)
  2. Lego Optical Bench/Poisson Spot (2010)
  3. Osmond Temperature Study (2006)
  4. North American Bug Flux (2004)
  5. SeaMouse ROV (2002)
  6. Kitt Peak National Observatory (2001)
  7. Leonids (2001)
  8. Collected Bug Pix
  9. Collected Animal Pix
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