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HARBOR Launch Sites, Critical Data
AIRPORT Duchesne Municipal (U69) Evanston-Uinta County Airport (EVW) Delta Municipal (DTA)
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LATITUDE 40.1919028 N 41.2747778 N 39.3806386 N
LONGITUDE -110.3809889 W -111.0346389 W -112.5077147 W
ELEVATION 5826 ft (1776 m) 7143 ft (2177.2 m) 4759 ft (1451 m)
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Flight Simulation

Most advance flight predications for HARBOR are done using the online prediction tool from Near Space Ventures: The critical data needed to run the simulation depends on the specifics about the balloon ascent and descent rates, and burst altitude. You will also need to know information about the launch sites. All this information is summarzied for the standard HARBOR launch sites in a convenient Launch Sites Summary: What follows is a summary of how to use the NSV Prediction Tool; these instructions are also included on the Launch Sites Summary sheet.
  1. Go to the Online Flight Prediction Tool:

  2. There are many data fields; if you fill them in once, they will default to the last values you entered at the site. The data for these fields are in the HARBOR Launch Sites document.

  3. If we are LESS than 7.5 days from launch, click the upper GFS Model (0-180 hours, 3hrly)

  4. If we are MORE than 7.5 days from launch, click the lower GFS Model (180-384 hours, 12hrly)

  5. Click SUBMIT

  6. A new page will appear. On the RIGHT, there is a pulldown menu. Select the 12 UTC on the day of the launch for a 7am flight (7am MDT ~ 12 UTC - 6hrs); for a 9am launch select 15 UTC (9am MDT ~ 15 UTC - 6hrs). For a 7am launch on May 28, this would be "May 28, 2011 at 12 UTC"

  7. Type the access code in the box, and click GET PROFILE.

  8. A page with two panes will appear. In the left hand pane, copy all the text that starts with "File start time" all the way to the bottom of the pane, ending before the "Text Results"

  9. Paste into the right hand pane.

  10. Click SUBMIT

  11. The page that comes up has several options. The thing that we circulate in email is a screen capture of the last one, "PLOT TRACK ON GOOGLE MAPS"

  12. The critical data you need is summarized in the right hand panel of the Google Maps display. Record this on a HARBOR Flight Planning sheet.

Simulation complete!

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