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    Research Associate Professor of Physics, CIERA Northwestern University
    Astronomer, Department of Astronomy, Adler Planetarium

    Ph.D. Physics 1999 Montana State University
    M.S. Physics 1994 Montana State University
    B.S. Physics 1991 Oregon State University


    Short CV (Fall 2019 version)

    Research Interests
    Outreach Activities

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    1. (2013-present)
    2. (2013) Associate Professor of Physics (Tenured)
      Department of Physics, at Utah State University.

    3. (2008-2013) Assistant Professor of Physics
      Department of Physics, at Utah State University.

    4. (2006-2008) Assistant Professor of Physics
      Department of Physics, at Weber State University.

    5. (2004-2006) Postdoctoral Scholar in Gravitational Wave Astrophysics
      Center for Gravitational Wave Physics, at Pennsylvania State University
      Research in low frequency gravitational wave astrophysics, phenomenology and data analysis.

    6. (2001-2004) Postdoctoral Scholar in Physics
      California Institute of Technology (w/ Tom Prince).
      Research in gravitational wave physics, with ties to the LISA mission. Study of issues related to data analysis for LISA and low frequency astrophysical sources of gravitational radiation.

    7. (1999-2001) NASA EPSCoR Postdoctoral Research Associate
      Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Montana State University (w/ Ron Hellings).
      Research in gravitational wave physics, particularly at the interface with conventional astrophysics. Study of possible astrophysical sources of gravitational radiation, and design aspects of the proposed LISA space interferometer.

    8. (1991-1999) Graduate Research Student, Montana State University, Department of Physics. PhD student, working in theoretical physics. Main research centered on gravitational wave physics and semiclassical gravity.

    9. (1989-1991) Research Assistant in Oregon State University Biophysics Department with Dr. Jeanne Rudzki Small (now at Eastern Washington University, in time-resolved pulsed laser photoacoustic calorimetry, studying protien dynamics of carboxymyoglobin and quantum yield of fluorophores.

    10. (1990) Summer intern at National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Charlottesville, VA. Worked with Dr. Glen Langston on project to characterize core-jet radio sources based on luminosity, internal structure of fields (from polarization), and external morphology from VLA survey data.

    11. (1987-1988) Research Technician for the Oregon State University Department of Rangeland Resources. Work included projects on classification of riparian plant communities, evaluation of vegetative yield for different timber and grazing management strategies, and studies of runoff flows in rangeland hydrology (I also built a lot of barbed wire fence!).


    1. American Physical Society.

    2. American Astronomical Society.

    3. American Association of Physics Teachers.

    4. Astronomical League.

    5. National Association of Rocketry, NAR #73310.

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