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"Science does not know its debt to imagination."
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Gravity/Gravitational Wave Public/Classroom Activities (sll, updated 26 Mar 2014)

These are all activities that my group and I have used in public settings (e.g. Science Unwrapped) or in classrooms. Please let me know if you have questions, or other ideas that you use that would be useful to add to the repertoire!

Gravitational Wave Icebreaker Activity

This is an activity we developed when we were at Penn State to use in place of traditional "icebreakers" by introducing interactions over science. The original archive is still online at Penn State, but this is a local archive. Please let me know if you have questions!

GW Interferometer Geographical Data (sll, updated 29 Mar 2013)

I'm always trundling around Google Maps looking for the detectors, or trying to find their geographical coordinates for calculations. Here is my collection of data, in one place where I can find it. I generated this data by simply mouse hovering over the corner and endstations in GoogleEarth.

GR Deformable Spacetime (sll)

Three short movie clips from my 5'x5' spandex spacetime, suitable for talks when I can't travel with the spacetime.

Polarization Pattern Movies (sll)

Two polarization movies on a grid of particles; illustrates pattern of strain, and distance dependence of effect. Based on a graphical idea by Peter Saulson. My Mathematica notebook name: gwPolarizationMovies.nb

Binary Simulation Movies

Binary Sounds (Scott Hughes)

These are two 10 Msun + 10,000 Msun black hole sounds from Scott that I use in talks. He has a large collection on the web here.

Galactic Binary Confusion (Cocktail Party) Sounds (sll)

These are voice demonstrations of the cocktail party problem, as well as galactic simulations. My Mathematica Notebook name: gwSounds.nb

EMRI panel simulations (sll)

These show for a Schwarzschile black hole the "zoom-whirl" behaviour of an EMRI. 4 panels: radial effective potential motion, 2D planar orbit, h+ and hx. I can't find my Mathematica notebook for these. :-(

LISA Orbit simulations (sll)

Various visualizations of the LISA orbits. I can't find my Mathematica notebook for these. :-(

3D Spacetime Gores for Embedding Cones (Jocelyn Read)

These are paper cutting patterns for making 3D embedding diagrams.

Interferometer Responses (Joe Romano, converted to mpeg-4 [sll])

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