star gully plaque star gully inside

Owing to the suprising amount of government red-tape in Paradise for building permits, Starlight Basin Observatory was delayed in start from Fall 2009 (a good thing, as it turns out). In order to allow me to observe over the intervening winter, we began to explore temporary solutions that would enable observing through the Cache Valley winter.

The result is a small, free-standing structure raised above grade on cinder blocks, just large enough to fit Equinox, but completely enclosed so as to not require arduous amounts of snow removal when I want to observe. We have taken to calling this stop-gap structure the Star Gully Observatory.

As I was building Star Gully Observatory, I was reminded very much about Dennis di Cicco's Doghouse Observatory (Sky & Telescope, June 2000, page 125), which he constructed while his large main observatory was being built -- originally intended for two seasons, he ended up spending 7 in the small structure! Building SGO and seeing how it works with a slightly oversized scope has convinced me that I need to build the BIG TELESCOPE before I build the observatoty that goes with it. So I'm working on my 22" f/5 first (order placed with Zambuto), and will come back to the large observatory next year, scope in hand.

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